Wednesday, 24 May 2017


A pictorial record of our trip on the River Tawe aboard the 'Copper Jack', exploring the industrial history of Swansea,  which  earned the nickname of "Copperopolis" for its importance as the world capital of the copper industry during the 19th century.

Following an initial visit to the Waterside Maritime Museum, we repaired to another "cultural" establishment, the "Queens Hotel".
Fabulous beef and ale pie.

 Still standing and getting ready to board the "Copper Jack".

Safely aboard and ready for embarkation. Note Elfryn, our Landlord of the "Stag Inn", immediately testing the liquid refreshments on board. More on Elfryn in the next picture.

Outward bound and safely out of harbour.  To the left you will see "the wall that Elfryn built". It was during his time as an engineer with Swansea City Council. Was it a one-handed job with a glass in the other! Must have been a navvy on the canals in his previous life.

This is Roger, our host and guide for the trip.
A font of knowledge and not a note in sight. Remarkable memory.

These two chimney stacks are all that's left of the many that stood during the heyday of "Copperopolis".

The end of the outward journey. In the distance is the Liberty Stadium, home of the legendary Swansea AFC. Following a heart stopping end to the season , the "Swans" staged a heroic performance to secure their first division status.


Friday, 21 April 2017


At our meeting on the 18th April, we were given a talk by Christine Davies of the Dyfed Family History Society who entertained us with her own family history, together with a detailed explanation of how she researched and gathered all the necessary information. If any member wishes to research their own family history, contact Christine who will be pleased to help.

Should any members have any interesting tales, photographs, and articles from their family history, especially relating to a community, heritage or historical value please let us know. We would love to hear from you.

Wednesday, 15 February 2017


Cae Mynydd....Cae Delyn....Cae Tomos....Waun Ganol......Waun Isha......Erw Galed.....Cae Porcyn!
These are just some of the poetic names given to fields locally. Each name has significance, whether historical or topographical. Previously, none of them have been recorded and collated. It is the intention of the Heritage Society to collect as many of these names as we can, record them on a map and tell the stories behind them. 
Inspiration for this came from listening to some of those who have been born and bred in our community, and from an S4C series presented by Brychan Llyr called, 'Caeau Cymru'. 
To do this, we need your help. Please let us know if you are aware of any field names in the Cynheidre, Horeb, Five Roads or Sylen area; be a part of this project.

Wednesday, 21 December 2016


Five Roads & District held its very first Christmas Dinner at the Waun Wyllt Inn on Monday 19th December, where  we enjoyed a fabulous traditional festive fare. Many thanks to Delwyn and the superb service provided by the staff. 

Not only did we enjoy fine food and great company in a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere, but we were marvelously entertained by the wonderful Philharmonics, led by the vivacious Sarah. What a talented choir. These girls can tackle any musical genre. As well as the traditional Christmas carols, cross-over and Welsh folk, we were treated to a "blast from the past", and a  "rave from the grave" in the form of a medley from the fifties and sixties. Rock on girls, yeah yeah yeah! Look forward to your forthcoming first CD.




Wednesday, 7 December 2016


 Following the success of last year's Christmas Dinner, this year's
 annual festive cheer at Llanelly House lived up to expectations.

We had an enjoyable evening in a convivial atmosphere, once again enlivened with the presence of that great Anglican cleric, John Wesley, aka the Reverend J. Eldon Phillips. Just like JW, who preached to a tribe of native American Indians, Eldon preached and entertained the natives of Five Roads and District. Hallelujah! The revival has come upon us again!

Roll on next Christmas. Who will grace us with their presence then?
Pwy fydd yma mewn can mlynedd?

Tuesday, 15 November 2016


A wonderful Remembrance Service this year, with respectful attendance by members of the Heritage Society; Rehoboth Chapel; staff, pupils and parents of Five Roads School; local dignitaries and especially families of the victims of the Boer War and both World Wars.
As ever, the children of Five Roads School were in glorious voice, and was warmly appreciated by all  who were enthralled by their performance.
The weather this year was in our favour, and we were able to conclude the Service with the laying of  the wreaths outside on our War Memorial.
A fitting and honourable tribute to our brave, fallen warriors.

Thursday, 27 October 2016


On Tuesday, 18th October, more than 20 members of the Heritage Society met in the Stag , Five Roads, where we had a talk given by Mr Wyn Williams, the retired Chief Education Officer for Carmarthenshire. The talk was entitled: “Context, Cameos, Questions: glimpses of Wales in the later Middle Ages, as seen through the eyes of a rebel, a nobleman, a mercenary and a foreigner, and retold through the words of a retired teacher, adviser, education administrator and lapsed historian”. This was a journey through Wales focussing on the period 1284-1485, an entertaining and illuminating canter through these formative years in the history of our nation. Wyn is an exceptional communicator and gifted raconteur; his experience of dealing with politicians and educators through the years shone through. Our individual and collective historical knowledge was enriched by him; in addition, we enjoyed the hospitality of the staff and landlord of the Stag.